I don't know why my email address shows on the replies I made to this
board but other people's don't, but the result has been that I am
being inundated with spam.

This address is used *only* for this scanner forum, and the spam
started immediately after my first reply.

Due to the spam, I will be abandoning the address in a couple of
days. I would, however, like to know how I can subscribe to the list
in such a manner that my email address is *not* exposed whenever I
decide to say something.

I will properly unsubscribe before abandoning the email address, but
I am delaying its demise until Tony or someone else who knows the
answer to my question has a chance to respond.

Thank you.

Unsubscribe by mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED], with 'unsubscribe filmscanners'
or 'unsubscribe filmscanners_digest' (as appropriate) in the message title or 

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