Tony Sleep wrote:
> On 31/03/2008 Sam McCandless wrote:
>> And please feel free to suggest what we might do to help make it less
>> of a problem.
> Most ISP's offer spam filtering, usually based on Spamassassin or similar,
> and that works well. Sometimes free, sometimes an additional low cost.
> Always worth asking because quite often they don't bother to tell users
> it's available.

Ever since I moved my email address to my web hosting provider's ( 
servers I
have received virtually no spam whatsoever. I receive a daily summary report of 
what was
filtered out and have noted very few false positives. It's unusual for me to 
more than one spam per day in my Inbox and many days there are none at all. on 
the other
hand the server catches an average of 900 to 1000 spam messages a month that I 
would have received.

My ISP is a very good one (Earthlink) but like many ISPs their spam filters are 
a mere
token. My email address dates all the way back to the late 1980s so it attracts 
a lot of
spam. If you choose your mail host well maybe all of you will be as pleased as 
I am.
Free mail services like Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo are pure spam magnets. I 
never use them.

> If not, an easy (but not free) way is to run all your incoming mail
> through a spam interception service
> Or you can run software locally on your home machine.
> lists and compares several (Mailwasher,
> Spamcatcher, etc)

Mailwasher ( is an excellent screening program that I have 
used for a
long time. You can see what's in your queue and just delete what you don't want 
or don't
have time to read. it's a marvelous time saver. Many filtering programs are 
because the spammers are always a few steps ahead of them.

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