I'd like to point out that I never had a Seagate product fail. Of
course, that could be luck. They come with 5 year warranties.

Of course, I probably just cursed one of my drives by mentioning I had
no failures. I've built PCs for people that would spend the extra money
for a Seagate and had the drives arrive DOA. More than once mind you.
One was from IBM, and the other Fujitsu, a company I thought had it's
act together.

If you get external drives, consider spending a bit more and get esata.
I have this general distrust of USB.

These people advertise heavily on

I have no idea if the service is any good, but it is online offsite
storage, and relatively cheap. Offer code I believe is Leo, but you
could just listen to any of his podcasts and get the code.

The offsite service is handy in the event of fire or theft.

Tony Sleep wrote:
> On 26/02/2009 li...@lazygranch.com wrote:
>> I just bought three 1.5 terrabyte drives
> RAID can add resilience but no way can it be considered safe, so don't
> forget the other 4!
> Here I have:
> 3 x 1TB RAID3 = 2TB
> 2 x 1TB for backup (on another LAN PC)
> 2 x 1TB for offsite backup.
> So that's 7 x 1TB for 2TB of storage. I don't trust HDD's much.
> --
> Regards
> Tony Sleep
> http://tonysleep.co.uk

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