There is DVD+R and DVD-R. For technical reasons, +R is pr
eferred. DVD-RAM is to be avoided. 

I have had the sam
e issue regarding an unreadable DVD, and I always run a v
erify. However, the reader was my own notebook. ;-) Peopl
e tend to upgrade their desktop burners more often than n
otebooks, so sending DVD hasn't been much of an issue.
Nowadays, most publishers have ftp. 

From: Tony Sleep
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vice on scanner settings
Sent: Feb 26, 2009 8:43 AM

n 26/02/2009 wrote:
> I font follow
 your reason for rejecting DVDs. Granted at
> 4 GBytes,
they aren't big these days.

I don't trust DVD stabilit
y/longevity at all. I've had quality branded
DVD's corru
pt themselves after as little as 3m or fail to read on a
other than the one that created them (though that'
s an older problem from
early days).

Worst example wa
s one that I drove to a client 40mls away, on a very
ent deadline. It had verified and test loaded fine here o
n 2 different
drives, and they couldn't read it, they co
uld only see the directory
entries. I had to go back hom
e, burn another and drive back again. Later I
tried the
problem disk and I couldn't open the files either. It rea
lly put
me off DVD, unlike CD, where I have never had a
disk go bad in up to (so
far) 13 years.


Tony Sleep

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