Thanks for reply - this clarifies it.
Is it correct then that if I write half a score and move elements around that I then have no access to automatic music spacing for the rest of the score unless I'm prepared to have it interfere with what I've already done?

Or am I thinking wrong?

Steve P.

On 14 Jan 2011, at 00:29, Jari Williamsson wrote:

On 2011-01-13 19:24, Steve Parker wrote:

I have music spacing set to 'Incorporate' changes I've manually made.
It seems to ignore some of these - most annoyingly barline moves.
Does anyone know exactly what is incorporated?

I also find that 'update layout' seems to move some things back too.

Does automatic music spacing behave exactly the same way as manual?
If it does, is the general way of working to switch this off before
manually moving notes and barlines etc?

The thing that can be incorporated is the manual horizontal positioning of notes. Yes, the manual and automatic spacing works the same in respect to barlines. The barlines does not have "positions" technically speaking, it's the measures that have widths.

Here is how it works: when you space the music, the beat chart will be adjusted according to the elements in the music. The spacing algorithm will also calculate how much space the measure will need to be perfectly "in harmony" with the spacing parameters - this ideal width will be put as the measure width. If the measure width total on a system gets too crowded compared to the ideal width, the measures will reflow over systems (unless you lock the systems). The barlines will move since the measure widths change - the measures get a visible width on a system that's proportional to the internal measure widths.

Thinking about it, it shouldn't be that hard to write a plug-in that respaces but keeps the barlines - I'd surely need that sometimes! I think I'll create such a plug-in some day.

Best regards,

Jari Williamsson
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