Sunday, November 5, 2017, 1:42:35 AM, Mark wrote:

>>> So what are the next steps?

> I'm waiting on Helen to give the final go.

Actually, I was waiting to see some comment from Paul V.

I still seem to have one or two novice issues on this side but they
are not showstoppers.  Over the weekend I cloned the #4 test and used
it to create a private local/remote repository for the Developer's
Guide stuff, as I am using a couple of experimental changes to the build
ingredients.  All is well, so far, I think.  It will be a while before
I need to push anything to the main repo.  I don't think it will be
too much of a problem to do that "with rule-book in hand" and Google

Hats off to you for your efforts with this and the other CVS repo's,


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