Thursday, October 19, 2017, 4:11:59 AM, Mark wrote:

> So if a new file extension for a text file would be introduced between
> now and the final conversion, then I would specifically need to take 
> that into account, or we'll get a white space correction on the first 
> commit that touches that file after migration.

> But odds are probably negligible that a new (and unknown) file extension
> will be introduced to the project before migration.

You have .docbook in your set, right?  I haven't had a chance to
search for where you stored these suffixes but I assumed that .docbook
must have been included, since the converted files I looked at seemed

I'm wondering whether the l/e problem with the file named ReadMe might
be due to the lack of suffix.  I have noticed that, since the core
project was moved to GH, the guys have been giving suffixes to their
readme files in .../doc/.  The reason might be that this is a
recognised quirk of Git..?


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