Helen Borrie wrote:
I just did an actual clone of the test#4 repository and the Readme
looks just as it ought to.  I'm also abandoning the GitHub Desktop in
favour of TortoiseGit.  It feels familiar, even if I don't understand
most of the lingo.  I'll try to grokk that over the weekend, at least
the bits I need to grokk.

If I survive that, I might even have a go at cloning the doc branch of
the main repository.

As a person who also switched from SVN (not CVS) to Git, I'd recommend the official tutorial:
I think that was the one I found most instructive.

Also, maybe, this one:

It's funny that when Linus Torvalds started out with Git, his explicit goal was to avoid doing ANYTHING the way SVN does. :-)

I don't know how you will handle tags in the docs project, but one thing I find is easy to miss in TortoiseGit is that when you push your local repo to origin, you always need to check the checkbox to include tags. That is, if your local tags are really supposed to be migrated to origin. The checkbox can't be defaulted to checked state.


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