On 2017-10-18 19:52, Helen Borrie wrote:
Thursday, October 19, 2017, 4:11:59 AM, Mark wrote:

So if a new file extension for a text file would be introduced between
now and the final conversion, then I would specifically need to take
that into account, or we'll get a white space correction on the first
commit that touches that file after migration.

But odds are probably negligible that a new (and unknown) file extension
will be introduced to the project before migration.

You have .docbook in your set, right?  I haven't had a chance to
search for where you stored these suffixes but I assumed that .docbook
must have been included, since the converted files I looked at seemed

Yes, I have it set in my conversion config, although I notice I didn't document that on https://www.lawinegevaar.nl/firebird/cvs_migration.html

I also added it in the .gitattributes file, see https://github.com/mrotteveel/test-firebird-documentation-4/blob/master/.gitattributes

I'm wondering whether the l/e problem with the file named ReadMe might
be due to the lack of suffix.  I have noticed that, since the core
project was moved to GH, the guys have been giving suffixes to their
readme files in .../doc/.  The reason might be that this is a
recognised quirk of Git..?

The line-endings of ReadMe are correct in my checkout, which means the git autodetection is working for me. I could add ReadMe explicitly in .gitattributes, but that shouldn't make a difference (it should already be caught by "* text=auto" in the .gitattributes). Are you saying ReadMe still has LF instead of CRLF in your checkout?

As to the firebird repository, it doesn't use a .gitattributes, which imho is an oversight, I will bring it up in firebird-devel later. The switch to files with extensions pre-dates the switch to git (eg doc/README.connection_string_charset.txt is 8 years old, which puts it in the 'CVS'-era). It just isn't done consistently. Using file extensions does make it easier - at least on Windows - for end-users to open them in a text editor without having to use 'Open with' or similar extra steps.

Since the switch to git, some of the readme files have been created as .md (markdown), but probably that is because GitHub will render that with nice formatting, eg compare https://github.com/FirebirdSQL/firebird/blob/master/README.md with the source https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FirebirdSQL/firebird/master/README.md


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