Thursday, October 19, 2017, 9:07:39 PM, Mark wrote:

> The line-endings of ReadMe are correct in my checkout, which means the
> git autodetection is working for me. I could add ReadMe explicitly in 
> .gitattributes, but that shouldn't make a difference (it should already
> be caught by "* text=auto" in the .gitattributes). Are you saying ReadMe
> still has LF instead of CRLF in your checkout?

Don't worry about it for now.  That observation was made on the files
from the zip that I downloaded at the beginning of the week (#3
conversion).  I should be able to get up to date with your test
conversions at the weekend.

> As to the firebird repository, it doesn't use a .gitattributes, which 
> imho is an oversight, I will bring it up in firebird-devel later. The 
> switch to files with extensions pre-dates the switch to git (eg 
> doc/README.connection_string_charset.txt is 8 years old, which puts it
> in the 'CVS'-era). It just isn't done consistently. Using file 
> extensions does make it easier - at least on Windows - for end-users to
> open them in a text editor without having to use 'Open with' or similar
> extra steps.

IMHO, it's a small "ask", considering that a number of those Readme
files go out in the release distributions, in /doc/, for all
platforms. A Tracker request might be the way to go.  That's what got
us version numbers in firebird.conf, eventually.  Don't make the
ticket a DOC one, though, as those who need to see it are unlikely to
notice a DOC ticket.

> Since the switch to git, some of the readme files have been created as
> .md (markdown), but probably that is because GitHub will render that 
> with nice formatting, eg compare 
> with the
> source 

That's interesting - and probably, in some abstruse way, accounts for
my erstwhile belief that I couldn't get that content except by
copy/pasting the text.


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