Not saying it's wrong at all, but just if you think it may be a "newbie"
type question then post it to the appropriate list. Otherwise what's the
point in having 2 lists?

My point really was that this list used to be more about posting
techniques, discoveries, neat tricks - or complex questions, bug
workarounds, undocumented features. We seem to have lost that and moved
on to a bunch of fairly easy to answer (just by googling or checking the
archive, or even god forbid the help docs/live docs) questions. Yes we
can filter them out, but I think they've devalued the core principles
behind this list - hence we seem to have lost key people. Then we end up
in a viscious circle...


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> FWIW: I've been working with Flash for over 6 years, but 
> there are still a lot of things I haven't done. I've built 
> some complex apps, but they are business apps (functionality 
> revolves around the basic CRUD) intended to be displayed in 
> the browser on desktop PCs. So, for example, I've never built 
> an app for the pocket PC, I've never built a game, and I've 
> done very little with video. If I were to get a new 
> assignment in one of these areas, then I might post a 
> question that seems like a newbie question to some other 
> people on the list. Is it wrong to post such questions? As 
> ryanm pointed out, all you need to do is delete the messages 
> that don't interest you.
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