On 6/13/06, Merrill, Jason <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Perfect example of what we are talking about:

While we're at it, a general piece of advice:

"I have the files all neatly bundled up in a zip file. I have a readme
describing my problem I have checked all my links (twice) to make sure
they all work.
send me an email [EMAIL PROTECTED] and I will send you the
files if you think you are a real ninja."

The first part looks pretty good, with a readme and everything zipped
neatly together. Bonus points for comments in the code, traces where
they could be helpful with extra comments what they trace. Where it
goes wrong is when it gets to the emailing part -- I don't know how
others feel about this, but for me the threshold is /much/ higher than
simply downloading a linked zip.
The reason for this is that I would feel like I would be making a
commitment, before even knowing what I was getting myself into. Been
there, done that -- what I got was the most horrible code I had ever
seen, ripped somewhere off the web with variable names in a language
neither me nor the help-seeker could understand, _root and on(
clipEvent ) all over it. After a while I figured it was easier to
rewrite it, which took me only half an hour but didn't save me from
dozens of follow up questions, some of which I had already answered,
others were unrelated, and the rest he answered himself only minutes
after sending.
So, just post a link. If somebody wants to help s/he will look at it
and let you know if there is a solution. A link also means I can look
into it when I come across it and have a few minutes to spare, instead
of waiting for a reply that might come the next day when I don't have
the time.

Since I'm already ranting about off-list issues, some other things I
have encountered in the past:
Please, if you seek help, don't take threads off-list unless asked.
Somebody suggesting something here most likely doesn't want to be your
personal help desk from then on, not by mail, and definitely not via
IM (even if we have the same mother-tongue that doesn't mean you're my
new best friend, it's really not that an uncommon language, thank
you). Keep it on the list. Others will read it, too, and might be able
to help better or quicker, plus if somebody actually bothers to search
the archives it will show up. It's a win-win for everybody involved.



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