I think this whole argument is solid ground bullshit.
The definition of what you find "interesting" does not have a damn thing to do with what is intermediate-to-advanced AS. AS3 work is irellevant on a professional level, and Flex != Flash Actionscript. What you're saying is you're complaining about the lack of FUN stuff on this list.

Let me tell you a little something about the fun stuff on this list. For those of use that spend every day of the week doing things that aren't fun, and aren't necessarily cutting edge, being swamped in dudes doing shit that's out of your reach NOT because they are necessarily smarter than you, but because they somehow find the *TIME* to do fun stuff, it can be bordeline disruptive. I totally dig the fun stuff, but to say the lack of it is what brings this list down to "newbie level" is arrogant and shortsighted.

Elitist bs can stay in the flexcoders and as3 lists kthanks. If a question is "beneath you" you got more problems than newbies. Nobody demands that you answer, so whee, get off the list then.
This thread is bullshit of awesome intensity.

- A
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