> Bottom line is if someone gets stuck they are going to find 
> help where they can. To tell you the truth I would post just 
> about any place to be able to get an answer just so I can go 
> to sleep one night this week. 
> Some of us are not action scripting for fun. We are working 
> in the real world, I am a designer I am learning flash and 
> can make my way around the flash design environment just fine.  
> If I knew enough about action scripting not to need help 
> (noob) than I wouldn't really need this list now would I. 
> Also if the Noob list wasn't so Noob I could get my problem 
> solved their without getting spurned by an elitist.

I've got four words for you.  Buy a freaking book.  :)

There are NUMEROUS books out there on the subject.  There are books
dedicated to helping designers learn how to code in Flash from a designer's
perspective.  I'm sure you'll find something at Amazon or your local

When I wanted to learn Ruby on Rails, I went out and bought a few books.  I
read them from cover to cover and then I started coding, referring back to
the books when I needed assistance.  If I came across something the book
didn't cover, I'd run a bunch of google searches.  Finally, if I couldn't
figure something out, I'd hop on the IRC channel and ask very specific
questions which would lead me towards the solution, not asking for the

Here's the truth.  Programming is not for everyone.  It requires a type of
patience, perseverance, and masochism that few possess.  Maybe you're just
not cut out for it.  That doesn't mean anyone is better than you, just
different than you.  If your strength is design, I say follow that path
because programming really can be frustrating for many people.  

I can't draw a button.  Anytime I try I end up frustrated.  Imagine if there
was a mailing list for designers and I got on and asked questions about how
to draw buttons.  I might get help at first but eventually people would say
"Go buy a book on drawing and practice."  I have friends who have been
drawing since they were children.  They have a sketchbook and always have
some book like how to draw faces, or arms, or animals, or whatever.  They're
constantly practicing techniques.  It's no different.

There's a great quote about programming. 

programming: n.
A pastime similar to banging one's head against a wall, but with fewer
opportunities for reward. 

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