Ian and Adrian;

You hit the nail on the head; it was indeed a lack of embedded
characters and my own stupid fault because whilst I *had* embedded the
characters for the intended usage (uppercase only) I neglected to stick
to those when I was running my trouble shooting tests, and included
lowercase as well. 
There also turned out to be a secondary (or maybe primary) problem --
targets not yet being instantiated at point-of-code -- that needed
fixing before the font embedding issue made itself known. And of course
when more than one thing is giving trouble simultaneously it's hard to
figure out just what is going wrong. Now that that both are fixed it's
working fine.

However, I'm still slightly confused, because I thought that if the font
was installed on the machine that is testing the movie then it would
still show up okay whether embedded or not. The fact that it doesn't is,
of course, a benefit because it gives early warning of non-embedded
fonts but it does run contrary to what I thought I understood. Live and learn.

Chris: Thanks for elaborating on the restrict issue. Looks like I won't
need to explore it just yet, but it's good to know about. (Since I'm
very new to the Flash/Actionscript thing and am learning 'on the job'
with a project deadline looming I'm being pragmatic and just learning
the bits of AS that I need to make the project work. I'll flesh out my
knowledge afterward).

Thanks to everyone for all your help.
I'm sure I'll be back again with more questions *very* soon...

Rick Lecoat

Original message:
Received from Adrian Park on 5/7/06 at 09:24

>This sounds to me like what happens if you embed a certain set of characters
>in the field but then pass it a String including characters you haven't
>explicitly embedded. I'm guessing you may have pasted a string into the
>"Include these characters:" field in the "Character Embedding" window? If
>so, only those characters will be embedded with the field and you'd probably
>be better off just selecting Basic Latin in the predefined character sets.

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