Hands down the best explanation of MVC I've ever seen anywhere, is in this iTunes U series (item 43 at the bottom of the list) - you can just grab the slides too, but you'll miss all the emotion and humor of the delivery :-)

There seems to be some basic pieces that are commonly missing from most descriptions of MVC: - Models have model data, broadcast changes to listening controllers, are updated directly by the controller. - Views have view data, data that is specific to the view, are updated directly by the controller, broadcast changes to listening controllers.
- Models shouldn't communicate with Views (ever).
- Views shouldn't communicate with Models (ever).

A lot of examples of MVC I've seen take a shortcut and basically send the model data to a view which renders that data, but that isn't MVC at all.

Kevin N.

On 2/16/12 1:43 PM, jchilc...@interactivityunlimited.com wrote:
Models and Views don't talk to each other.

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