The Sencha stuff is certainly worth looking in to, considering previous 
Flex/Flash evangelists are on the Sencha team now. Of course, that's a larger 
framework that comes with certain expectations as opposed to understanding the 
underlying technology and learning needed to excel in that field.

Remix South, founded and organized by one of my colleagues may be of interest 
as well.  I'm not sure where you 
are located, Jason, but it might be of some value to connect with those that 
are converting from the Flash to web space. This conference, specifically, is 
growing rapidly and many of those attending came from the 'interactive 
designer' or 'interactive developer' space and are broadening their interests.

BTW, I miss this list. I spent many years on flashcoders and flexcoders and 
have moved on. Sort of amazing to see that, one in a great while, there is 
still some activity here!


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On Jan 24, 2013, at 1:58 PM, Dave Watts wrote:

>> Our key learning event for 2013 will be O'Reilly's Fluent Conference in San
>> Francisco in May
> I'd second Fluent, based on feedback I got about the last one. I
> didn't attend myself, though.
> Once you have a specific toolset, you might find other, more directed,
> conferences. For example, we do a lot of stuff with Sencha (Touch,
> EXT-JS, EXT for GWT, Sencha Designer) and they have their own
> conference called, appropriately enough, SenchaCon. On an unrelated
> note, I recommend you check out Sencha Designer, which is shaping up
> to be a very nice tool.
> You might also want to check out Google I/O - although this is
> certainly not a JS conference, they do cover a lot of technologies
> that rely heavily on JS.
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