I've seen this occur if there is some sort of startup error. ( No
global exception handler, eh? ). For example, if your Air app is
looking for a config file using static inatialiser on startup and
can't find it, it could just hang there. Check the flashlog for


On 2/13/09, Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com> wrote:
> Did they try uninstalling and re-installing?
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> Subject: [flexcoders] AIR Application is not Appearing
> Hello All,
> I created an AIR Application which was previously based on AIR 1.0 and I am
> some more features in that application and compiling with the update of Flex
> 3 and targeting it for AIR 1.5. After making air file I am putting it onto
> sever to access by users. But when any user trying to run it after uploading
> it's not displaying any window only showing task-bar button and doing
> noting. When I use the task-bar context to move command I can see the dotted
> rectangle on the desktop. I also checked for the installation folder of the
> application in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings but there
> was no any folder for it.
> Please help me out.
> Best,
> Ashish

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