Please be aware of a very simple issue that I don't believe is well
documented... When you go through an upgrade of an existing project from
SDK 3.1 to 3.2 where Air is involved, the compiler links the appropriate
Air objects based on what is contained in the app.xml file (YOUR
APPLICATION NAME-app.xml) in the project home directory. You will find
either (the compiler usually crabs about this if you rely on objects not
in the chosen library though)

<application xmlns="";> or 

<application xmlns="";>

Make sure this is set correctly for your target environment.



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I've seen this occur if there is some sort of startup error. ( No
global exception handler, eh? ). For example, if your Air app is
looking for a config file using static inatialiser on startup and
can't find it, it could just hang there. Check the flashlog for


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> Did they try uninstalling and re-installing?
> Alex Harui
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> Subject: [flexcoders] AIR Application is not Appearing
> Hello All,
> I created an AIR Application which was previously based on AIR 1.0 and
I am
> some more features in that application and compiling with the update
of Flex
> 3 and targeting it for AIR 1.5. After making air file I am putting it
> sever to access by users. But when any user trying to run it after
> it's not displaying any window only showing task-bar button and doing
> noting. When I use the task-bar context to move command I can see the
> rectangle on the desktop. I also checked for the installation folder
of the
> application in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings but
> was no any folder for it.
> Please help me out.
> Best,
> Ashish

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