You can see in his forum valdhor:
In fact, is really comprehensive, I love Open Source, I think the WORLD (I 
mean, economy, politics, etc not just sofware) should be open source.
But we need a way to make money to live too, they said that there's no time for 
PHP because they are not selling it (I think the last update was in 2008).
The forum is also with poor feedback, I made two questions 5 days ago and no 
body replied it.
There's only one advantage of WebOrb (PHP) over AMFPHP, it supports Flex 
Messaging. But AMFPHP is faster* and they are working in 2.0 now.

*You can see this tests of performance:

I don't know much about WebOrb, but I think it needs RemoteObject so we can't 
use it without the flex framework.
Also I don't know if it supports Sessions (transparently like AMFPHP does)

--- In, "valdhor" <valdhorli...@...> wrote:
> Where did you see that WebORB for PHP is discontinued? I did a Google search 
> and the only thing I could find was your post.
> > I also prefer AMFPHP over WebOrb, is faster (even faster than Zend_AMF) and 
> > webOrb for PHP is discontinued

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