AMFPHP works with flash also. You need to update the data yourself within 
controls since no bindings are available, but it will be working. 


From: enridp <>
Sent: Tue, September 7, 2010 5:09:34 PM
Subject: [flexcoders] Re: I don't know if I need Flex (please help me to decide)

Yes, there's a lot of data.
But I was thinking in AMFPHP for that.
I think the alternatives are:
1) Adapting the Flex code that I need to a pure AS3 project (I'm not sure if 
this is possible in all the casses)
2) Using RSL's

Because I can't start my project with 200Kb, the size is a really big problem.
Can you (or someone) help me with some of the 2 options?
I have not experience in it, so I can't think in possible problems with those 
solutions (Flex->AS3 and RSL's), can you see the problems?

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> My rule of thumb is that if there is data. like a database. then yes. Flex
> is the way to go.
> --Bill



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