I don't know what happened, I have replied two posts last night and they just 
dissapear :S

Anyway, here is again:
I know we can use AMFPHP with Flash, I'm using it
I also prefer AMFPHP over WebOrb, is faster (even faster than Zend_AMF) and 
webOrb for PHP is discontinued
But AMFPHP does not support RTMP, maybe I can use Red5 (which works with 
Netconnections too), but WebOrb for Java needs RemoteObjects.

However, RemoteObjects is not the only problem, I think Flex is a great 
Framework for developing RIA, if I don't use Flex I must recode a lot of basic 
classes and I will do it wrong (I know ^_^).
I want to use Flex, but I can't have an application that starts (!) at 200KB. 
I was thinking in RSL, but I would like to know your opinions about that, 
because RSL is even heaver (500KB), and to use or not to use Flex is the first 
decision to take.

What problems do you know about RSL? If you will be hired to defame RSL's what 
you will say?

--- In flexcoders@yahoogroups.com, claudiu ursica <the_bran...@...> wrote:
> Same here, I don't do php on regular basis but whenever I needed to do 
> something 
> I was able to pull it through. And at least where I come from, php hosting is 
> really cheap. I only saw a presentaion by Ben Forta regarding Cold Fusion. It 
> did not seem rocket science but I don't know how hard it is ti get up to 
> speed 
> with that. It also depends on your php knowledge.
> C

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