Yes, that helps a lot.
I was searching and I found this:
I have not tested it yet, so I don't know if it has problems.
But what happens with applications like WebOrb? do you think faking the 
RemoteObject class will work?
Also, "Serialization and de-serialization on the server side", is solved by 
WebOrb, I think that's won't be my problem (or yes? :S)

I'm trying to download the open source of Flex, and I found this:

I think I need the "Open Source Flex SDK", but what is inside "Adobe Add-ons 
for Open Source Flex SDK"? 

--- In, claudiu ursica <the_bran...@...> wrote:
> You know that RemoteObject is built on top of NetConnection. What you 
> ultimately 
> do is make remote procedure calls. You don't need flex but then you need to 
> do 
> the work yourself. Serialization and de-serialization on the server side. On 
> the 
> other hand flex is open source so If you don't need something visual you just 
> take the source code from flex compile it with your flash app and you should 
> be 
> good to go. I deed that with the base 64 encoder/decoders and except for a 
> resource manager reference which I did not need after all it was ok. 
> Depending 
> on your needs you can take that source code and play with it.
> HTH in some way,
> C

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