Yes I know, I'm using it with Flash.
But AMFPHP doesn't support RTMP, maybe I can use Red5 for it, but I was 
thinking in working with webOrb and I need RemoteObject for that.
Also, RemoteObject is not the only problem, it was just an example.
There are a lot of useful things in Flex, but I need a way to avoid those 200KB
RSL's looks nice, but it's even heavier (500KB), and I don't know how it will 
work... do you have any experience?
What are the problems with RSL?

I want to make the right decision before start coding, and use or not use Flex 
is a big decision.

--- In, claudiu ursica <the_bran...@...> wrote:
> AMFPHP works with flash also. You need to update the data yourself within 
> controls since no bindings are available, but it will be working. 
> C

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