a while ago I asked about a plotting tool of which I had seen on this
mailing list that it would be integrated into FlightGear. I saw in the
latest news messages that the logging was updated in version 0.7.10 of FG
but I can't find anything that looks like a plotting tool.
If the tool has already been implemented in 0.7.10 can somebody tell me
how to use it? And if it hasn't can somebody tell me when it will be

I'm asking this because I'm working on a project at the Delft University
Technology for which we are using FlightGear. The goal of the project is
to design a system that can determine what a pilot is doing by analysing
his actions and the status of the airplane. This is only possible for a
computer program if we are able to do this ourselves, therefore
we need to capture and plot some variables of the airplane over a period of
We already have some programs to plot keyboard and joystick data, but we
still need a tool to plot the values of some FlightGear properties.

I hope you can help me.

Quint Mouthaan.

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