Here's an interesting option.  Recently, I've been chatting with the
author of the KFlog project (http://www.kflog.org/)

I think it would be really useful and cool if we could get FlightGear
interacting with KFlog.



Quint Mouthaan writes:
> Hello,
> a while ago I asked about a plotting tool of which I had seen on this
> mailing list that it would be integrated into FlightGear. I saw in the
> latest news messages that the logging was updated in version 0.7.10 of FG
> but I can't find anything that looks like a plotting tool.
> If the tool has already been implemented in 0.7.10 can somebody tell me
> how to use it? And if it hasn't can somebody tell me when it will be
> available?
> I'm asking this because I'm working on a project at the Delft University
> of
> Technology for which we are using FlightGear. The goal of the project is
> to design a system that can determine what a pilot is doing by analysing
> his actions and the status of the airplane. This is only possible for a
> computer program if we are able to do this ourselves, therefore
> we need to capture and plot some variables of the airplane over a period of
> time.
> We already have some programs to plot keyboard and joystick data, but we
> still need a tool to plot the values of some FlightGear properties.
> I hope you can help me.
> Quint Mouthaan.
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