From: "Martin Dressler" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> On Fri 17. May 2002 11:07, you wrote:
> > Hi guys!
> > Not so Long time ago I created my custom scenery from very good
> > and VmapLevel0
> > And I have so many artefacts with conncting rivers roads and ground so I
> > need to manually edit scenery
> > Wolfram wrote ATG loader but with latest updates It doesn't work at all
> > new scenery
> > And I try to wrote BTG loader for Plib and PPE. Maybe someone done
> > it?
> > If yes please contact me.
> > Roman
> Look at fgsd project at It's great project
> hand editing scenery and need some good developers. But it is too far from
> finish.
> Madr

It is not too far from being able to place static objects in sceneries. It
even help those prepared to edit by hand their .stg files by providing
altitude for a lon/lat position.

But yes, we need contributors.



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