On Tuesday 11 May 2004 07:31, Innis Cunningham wrote:
> Well Ampere the good news is that FG is quite happy
> to animate using the 3DS file.
> I just did a quick check using the elevator code out
> of the 737 and what was animated moved just the
> pivot point was all wrong but the surfaces moved
> ok.So what you need to do is work out the pivot
> system in 3DS and there should be no problem.
> Cheers
> Innis

I can confirm that .3DS models can be animated in FG, in fact I mentioned it 
in this thread just over a week ago.  Mind you, the .3DS models I originally 
did were created in Realsoft3D and then exported in .3DS format, and that 
might be why I never had any of the displacement/mirroring/pivot problems.

The object names I specified in RS3D were preserved when I exported the models 
in .3DS format and were no trouble to animate once I'd figured out the 
correct axis.

The a-10 models currently in cvs are animated and still in .3DS format - 
having a look at them might help.


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