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I want to add a flag to the property system to specify existence of wing icing or not. We don't really have much for icing in FG yet (other that the UIUC stuff.)

Let's set up a proper subtree now so that we can support this properly in the future, when we can model more sophisticated conditions. As you said, there's no need to fill in the whole subtree now, but at least let's leave room for it later. I'd suggest something like


Hopefully, it won't be too much extra trouble checking two properties instead of one.

In a full blown system we need

1) The state/existance of the hazard. Do icing conditions exist? At what altitudes, severity, etc. etc. This should probably live in the environment subsystem.

2) The result of the hazard on the aircraft. How much ice has accumulated and on which surfaces? This should probably live in some not-yet-existing FlightGear ice accumulation model that is per-aircraft configurable.

3) The resulting dynamics of the accumulation of the hazard. The FDM would take the state of ice accumulation from FlightGear and calculate the affect on the flight dynamics.

But I don't have time for all of that right now. For the moment I want to simply turn 2) on or off (or maybe allow a normalized value) and then pass this to a particular dynamics model that has a simple model wing icing on/off.



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