Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> aaaahh ... now that makes sense. I couldn't read the word "PERCENT". I guess
> one needs to be native English speaker to be able to decipher that. OK, I'll
> do this instrument now -- only the rotor hand, though, because there's no
> turbine RPM in YASim (?). Maybe I'll make the turbine RPM up with Nasal ...

Well, as of last week, there *is* a working turbine RPM output.  The
problem is that there's no turbine model in the helicopter stuff.  The
engine is essentially hardcoded into the Rotor class, it can't be
shared with the rest of the code.

What needs to happen is that the rotor code should simply export a
torque, and let the external code (either PropEngine, or something
like it) do the RPM integration.


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