On Thursday 10 June 2004 03:16, Alex Romosan wrote:
> Durk Talsma <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I'm only a bit dissapointed that nobody's yet reported actually
> > _seeing_ one of MD11's take off. :-) :-)
> i just did :-) took off from SFO and followed it for a couple of hours
> to the canadian border (i guess i was bored). a few nits: when i sped
> up the game (by pressing the 'a' key) the md11 didn't speed up (so
> this was a quick way of catching up with it). second, although it
> initially climbed to about 22000 feet, by the time i stopped following
> it it was down to about 16000. normal airliners fly at about 40000 so
> this is probably a bug in the planning. third, i was flying the t38

The reason for this is that there's a *huge* gap in waypoints between the KSFO 
departure and the EHAM arrival. IIRC, the last waypoint in the KSFO departure 
should be crossed at 22000 ft, but then the next waypoint is the first of the 
EHAM arrival, which should be crossed at 7000 ft, causing the aircraft to 
start decending immediately after leaving KSFO airspace. Adding a few 
waypoints might help here, but personally, I'd rather spend my time on 
writing some code to autogenerate these flightplans than manually typing in 
the position of all these waypoints. 

> anyway, i took some pictures along the way, you can find them at:
> http://caliban.lbl.gov/fgfs-md11/
Cool! Once we have a more completed model, a few screenshots like these would 
make a nice addition to the website. (hint :-)) 


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