Andy Ross wrote:
Erik Hofman wrote:
 > The radar display is currently limited to three (or four, I can't
 > remember) aircraft hard coded in the configuration file. Changing that
 > requires Nasal to be able to position a textured quad somewhere in
 > screen space or additional C++ code to handle all situations.

Trust me, we *really* want to avoid doing screen rendering in a
scripting language. :)

What might be a better idea would be to come up with an intermediate
"radar objects" representation in the property tree that gets managed
by a nasal script.  Or best of all would be for the radar to use the
AI system to track aircraft positions.  Or even the ssg scene graph
so it can show ground detail...


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What about putting a node in the model xml defining what type of radar return the object would produce (cross section size and transponder y/n) and then having whatever code positions the object in the scene graph also register the radar data in the property tree? That opens up the possibility of ground clutter and even navigation by ground radar. The latter would really require a way to translate btg data into a radar paint to be complete, but building and ship reflections would be a nice start. You could also use the same system for weather radar.


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