Curtis L. Olson schrieb:
I want to bring a new subject before the group.

[...] If we put banner adds on our web site, and one of our visiters clicks through and buys something from this company (being referred from our site) then we would get a 10% commission from the sale. I believe there is some flexibility in the design of the banner so perhaps we could have some input so it's not *too* obnoxious. (?)

As soon as someone gets some money out of a volunteered project, chances are that it causes bad blood.
So I think we should make sure that this isn't likely to happen.

One way I can think of, is to publish reliably the income and how it is used. (And for bigger spendings have a poll) (*)

I definitely trust Curt to handle "our" money very well - and I don't want to give anyone the chance to cause trouble just by being jealous.

On the other hand I've got no problems with banner ads, as long as they aren't annoying. I.e. *no* pop up and -if possible- no blinking or even animations.

Additionally, if we could test their hardware and know that it works well with FG we can IMHO even put an "official recomendation" on our page.


(*) The other way I can think of is to create a real foundation - but there's very much non-coding work related with that.

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