> I am doing a project for Boeing where I am trying to incorporate a
> few additional features they want into Flightgear. Initially I need
> to create a crater (hole) if a plane crashes (or a missile ).

Boing wants craters?  :)

This is actually kind of hard.  The existing terrain tiles weren't
really designed to have mutable geometry.  I guess what you would want
to do is identify the tile object(s) containing the crater, remove the
polygons that intersect the crater area, and replace them with
modified geometry.

Alternatively, I suppose you could alpha-blend a "2D" crater image on
top of the existing geometry; something along the lines of the "bullet
holes" that first person shooter games like to draw on walls.  For a
flight simulator where the viewpoint isn't likely to be very near the
crater, this might be sufficient.

> I also need to simulate smoke and fire coming out of the crater.

This part is easier.  Basically, you just write an ssg node to draw it
however you like, and add it to the scene graph.  To get the
transparency correct, you will probably want to write some code to
make sure it is added "late" in the rendering order.


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