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> Vivian Meazza wrote:
> > I think I would expect an engine running out of fuel to 
> rapidly lose 
> > power and wind down, not stop abruptly as it would if you 
> opened the 
> > magneto switches. I have to say that is based on motor 
> racing rather 
> > than aviation experience. Haven't tried it while airborne, 
> and intend 
> > to avoid it if at all possible.
> I don't intend to try it either.  The propeller should keep 
> windmilling, of 
> course, but I don't see how the cylinders would fire once the 
> fuel supply 
> was cut off.  Even if there's still a trickle for a few 
> seconds, the mixture 
> would probably be too lean to ignite.  Perhaps there would be 
> some surging 
> and roughness, as pockets of fuel separated by air fed into 
> various cylinders.

There is a strong possibility that air will be drawn into the fuel supply as
the last of the fuel runs out from a tank (which is why it is good practice
to disconnect empty fuel tanks.)

> > Slightly higher would be the suggestion that out-of-fuel 
> should not be 
> > terminal though, since pilot error can end up with a full tank not 
> > connected to the engine. In real life - reconnect - problem 
> solved (or 
> > nearly). So far as I can see that is not an option in our sim.
> That's not an uncommon occurrence on low-wing planes, from 
> what I hear: when 
> Cessna pilots rent low-wing planes, you sometimes get forced 
> landings with 
> one tank full and one empty (that happened in Toronto Harbour 
> last fall, 
> with no injuries, fortunately).

I think our sim should cater for that, otherwise our realism is degraded.



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