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David Megginson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This message just came to one of the aviation newsgroups from Paul
> Tomblin, who maintains several free GPS/flight-planning databases.  It
> looks like we'll be losing the DAFIF soon, which is our source for most
> airports outside the U.S., as well as for ATC frequencies, airways,
> arrival procedures, etc.  This is extremely bad news -- of course, we
> can keep using the final edition of the DAFIF (whenever that is) for a
> while, but it will get further and further out of date.

Is there an official announcement of this somewhere?  I've looked all
around the NGA and NACO sites but haven't found anything.  How did he
hear about this?  Is there any kind of timetable?  Were there reasons


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