On Tuesday 10 August 2004 20:19, David Megginson wrote:
> Chris Metzler wrote:
> > Is there an official announcement of this somewhere?  I've looked all
> > around the NGA and NACO sites but haven't found anything.  How did he
> > hear about this?  Is there any kind of timetable?  Were there reasons
> > stated?
> According to the message I quoted, the Australian government is suing
> Jeppesen for publishing information obtained from Australian aviation
> publications.  That's bad news not only for the flying community but for
> the flight sim community as well -- it sounds like they're claiming
> copyright not only on their publications but on the information itself
> (i.e. the location of runways or VORs).
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> David

I'm pretty sure that information/data can't be copyrighted - but the design of 
the presentation of the information/data can.

For example, it wouldn't be possible to copyright a word so that no-one could 
say it or write down but it might be possible to copyright a specific entry 
for that word in a dictionary - other dictionaries might then need to re-word 
their entries.

Another example is with maps - you can obtain data from a map and publish that 
data - so you could say that the elevation at lat-lon is n ft - but you 
couldn't re-publish the map that you got that info from itself.

Certainly, if someone produces or originates data in someway, they have a 
right to decide if they want to keep it secret or not, and if they do want to 
keep it secret they can choose to sell that data with whatever restrictions 
the buyer will accept (If someone just measures something and publishes it 
they can't stop anyone else from measuring it and also publishing it)

Is this what the Australian Govt. want though - to charge every flyer for the 
info they need to land?

Hmm...  on second thoughts, considering the twisted control freaks that seem 
to be running the world atm, perhaps it isn't too far from the truth.


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