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Here is the information if anyone wants to read it.


David Megginson writes

Chris Metzler wrote:

Is there an official announcement of this somewhere?  I've looked all
around the NGA and NACO sites but haven't found anything.  How did he
hear about this?  Is there any kind of timetable?  Were there reasons

According to the message I quoted, the Australian government is suing Jeppesen for publishing information obtained from Australian aviation publications. That's bad news not only for the flying community but for the flight sim community as well -- it sounds like they're claiming copyright not only on their publications but on the information itself (i.e. the location of runways or VORs).

No the Australian government is not suing anyone what appears to have
happened is that Airservices Australia is asking commercial users of its
information to pay for it.
In Australia we have a freedom of information act that means we as citizens
can view any information that the government holds as long as it is not restricted
for military or commercial reasons.
While I do not support the principle of user pays it seems to be popular with
The fact that Jeppesen seems to be complaining about haveing to pay for information
that it makes its living off seems a little hypocritical. In this day and age where people
like Mc Donalds can copyright there name all around the world so nobody else can
use it in there business even if there mane is McDonald.
So I guess in this Copyright/Patent/trademark happy world it is not surprising that people
want to jump on the bandwagon.
It would seem with Jeppsen they are worried that it will spread world wide.I also notice
that the benevolent company they are.When they found out they could make some money
floging there out of date charts to the flight sim community they just went for it.I bet it
never occured to them to give the old information away.
The only sad thing in the end is that it is you and me the end users that will pay.

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Cheers(from OZ) Innis

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