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Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2004 1:48 PM
Subject: Re: [Flightgear-devel] Buildiing/running the ATC network test

> John Wojnaroski wrote:
> > Build the TNL libraries first which should produce three static
> > libraries (libtnl.a, libencrypt.a and libatcmaster.a) which will be
> > installed in /usr/local/lib/
> Built, although I had to build libencrypt.a by running make in its own
> directory rather than at the top level.
Yes, my fault. Just grabbed what was already there... should have mention
that in the build notes  I'll add that to the build notes and/or redo the
makefile to work with configure.in.

> > Next build the libraries,  the  configure.in file conatains a lot of
> > cruft used for plib/SimGear. We might wind up using some of that but for
> > now Boris is working on a simpler version. If plib and Simgear is on
> > your system you can use the *big* version.
> All there already - I just pointed configure to the correct paths.
> > Next go to the ATC directory /usr/local/src/ATC-0.1 and build and
> > install. Again, depending on your system configurations you can try
> >
> > aclocal
> > automake
> > autoconf
> > ./configure
> I think I'm a victim of some of that cruft -  configure is failing here
> with:
> configure: error: conditional "ENABLE_XMESA_FX" was never defined.
> Usually this means the macro was only invoked conditionally.
Yes, more and likely. ATM there is no need for any sort of opengl library or
graphics capability or plib/Simgear. Odds are some of those libraries will
be used but you can comment all that stuff out for now. Plus there may be
some macros or "other things" that happen between "aclocal_to_make" that I
(quite honestly) don't fully understand. So things work on my system and may
fail on others.

When and if this becomes a living, breathing project all those items need to
be dealt with and cleaned up

John W.

P.S. Hope to have an update or two before the field test.

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