Martin Spott wrote:
John Wojnaroski wrote:

Note: For now, you will have to install the TNL headers files by hand: the following script should work

cd /usr/include
mkdir tnl
cd tnl


This could be easily solved by setting

  srcdir = ..

in src/master/Makefile

yes, even though a simple "cp -R tnl /usr/include" would have been okay, too ... But I think, we'll add a simple install target to that makefile and take of all that care within the makefile.

and, what you'll have to do in any case, fix the include statement in
the source files, for example src/master/masterInterface.h, to

  #include <tnl/tnlEventConnection.h>
  #include <tnl/tnlRPC.h>

yes, right - I did change exactly that yesterday ... there are some other smaller changes, we'll upload a fixed set of files by tomorrow.

But even then it won't compile on Solaris/Sparc:
I wonder how they can claim cross-platform portability ....

okay, that's indeed a bit weird ...

BTW, what is the relation between the files you placed on OpenATC
and the OpenTNL project ? From there I could download only a '1.4.0rc4'
source code package, the version on OpenATC carries the version 1.4 and
the OpenTNL website claims they already reached version 1.4.3.
All this doesn't fit together,

The openTNL headers/library sources on are merely a downstripped/reduced version of the actual sources, simply because John figured we wouldn't need most of the stuff ...

---------- Bori

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