On 10/19/04 at 8:41 PM Paul Surgeon wrote:
>I suggest that changes made override the "official" data until someone has
>chance to review the problem airport. We can't have people spending hours 
>building nice taxiways and then having the runways dancing around the
>every time there is an update.
>I know I would be a little upset if I've spent 100 hours building taxiways
>10% of them no longer line up with the runways 6 months down the line.

I don't think that this should be a big problem anymore.  I believe that
most of the runway shifting occured when he (Robin) moved over to the DAFIF
as the base data, and a lot of incorrectly user-positioned runways got
moved.  Of course, some correctly user positioned runways got moved to
incorrect DAFIF positions (like at Nottingham!).

However, if a shift of all runways at a given airport does now occur, it's
very easy to simply drag or rotate the taxiways en-masse to the new
position in TaxiDraw.  Simply draw a selection box round them all and do
it.  If some of the runways shift with respect to others then it implies
that they weren't layed out correctly to begin with, and that sort of thing
really needs sorting before starting on a Taxiway layout.

If using the USGS photos as a backdrop then keep in mind that a number of
runways have been built or extended since the photos were taken.

Cheers - Dave

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