On October 20, 2004 06:12 am, David Luff wrote:
> >I'm wondering whether we know what the X-Plane format really *is*.
> >Since the beginning of September, Robin Peel has been saying that a
> >new set of files are coming out "next weekend, September 18."  But he
> >also says that these files won't work at all with earlier versions
> >of X-Plane.  That may simply be because of the new information content
> >in fields that were basically dummy (see below) choking reads that
> >don't know how to handle them; but it made me wonder if there's a file
> >format change coming up.  At the very least, his comments about being
> >able to declare aprons separate from taxiways suggest a new record type.
> Well, I guess we'll find out eventually.  Converters are easy to write, if
> somewhat tedious.  The current X-Plane format contains a flag indicating
> whether to include runway distance remaining signs or not, so the change to
> it should be good for you in that respect.

May be it is time FlightGear should have its own file format?


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