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> > I would like to have those positions of the arrester wires not in
> lat/lon/alt
> > but rather than in earth centered coordinates (cartesian coordinates: x
> > towards lat/lon=0, z towards northpole). Just because we already have
> all
> > scenery values stored in this format. We have a scenery reference point
> and
> > relative to that, we have rotated vertices.
> < soapbox >
> Arrestor wires and all other Model 'features' should be an XYZ offset from
> the center point of the parent Model's Frame of reference
> FWIW using LLZ for anything except using user input / output is a step
> back to the 'dark ages' of the pre satelite era and the advances in
> Geodysey of the post Sputnik world.
> IMHO the FDMs should report in XYZ too, interestingly they all use it
> instead of LLZ internally, and this XYZ is what all FGFS location code
> should be based on :-)
> The list has heard me harp on this issue before and has rejected this
> revolutionary idea but this archaic way of representing position
> internally
> in FGFS is IMO a *major* PITA in an otherwise reasonably modern
> 'Round Earth' simulator.
> < /soapbox >
> > With those values we can cheap compute (double valued) positions of
> these
> > vertices. And then transform them, just by translation and rotation, to
> some
> > coordinate frame required for modelling the hook, gear ...
> This holds true for any othe properly 'located' object.

That reminds me of the 2 men in a hot air balloon. Flying early one morning
they got lost in the dawn mist, so the pilot turned down the burner and
descended until he could see a chap on the ground. 

"Where are we?" he asked. 

"You're in a balloon", the chap replied. 

On hearing this, the pilot turned up the burner and ascended, saying: "good,
that's sorted: we're just passing the Royal Military College of Science".

The second man in the balloon was very impressed but asked: "how do you know

"Easy" said the pilot "it's the only place in the area where the information
you get is totally accurate and totally bloody useless".

Unless that is, someone can tell me how to access the X,Y,Z co-ordinates of
a model, otherwise I'm going to have to do it in lat/long/alt.



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