I've put a new set of data up at the TaxiDraw website for TaxiDraw users
and FlightGear scenery builders.  This is based on the last released
X-Plane data (as is Flightgear's runways.dat).  Changes are:

175 airports that we split up in the master database (and therefore broken
in Flightgear's scenery) have been reassembled with a script.  (For example
KMIC).  This does not include any airports with codes ending in "ZZ" in the
database, since it is impossible to tell if these are duplicates.

60 airports have had user-submitted additions or alterations, from Jon
Stockill, Erik Hofman and Doug Robertson, and a few by myself to test the
program during development.

This data is in X-Plane format - the latest Terragear cvs only builds from
this format now (Curt's change, not mine BTW).  I recommend that TaxiDraw
users work from this latest dataset to avoid duplicating work, or to avoid
manually fixing the 175 split-up airports (a lot of them don't have
taxiways though).

If you don't use TaxiDraw or generate FlightGear scenery yourself there is
no point in downloading this dataset - it cannot be used by Flightgear
itself independently of a scenery rebuild.

Please report any problems with the data - it's possible my merge scripts
could have introduced corruptions, which I'd like to get ironed out before
Curts's next world scenery rebuild.

Cheers - Dave

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