Erik Hofman writes:

> Jon Stockill wrote:
> > Erik Hofman wrote:
> > 
> >>
> >> Has anybody got TaxiDraw 0.2 to compile? I got problems compiling it 
> >> with gcc 3.3 (IRIX and Linux) and MIPSpro (IRIX). For some off reason 
> >> I could probably get MIPSpro to compile it if I was able to get 
> >> wxwindows to (later than version 2.3.3) to compile, but gcc gives me 
> >> all kinds of errors (both IRIX and Linux).
> > 
> > 
> > Works fine for me on slackware 10.0 (which uses gcc 3.3.4)
> I guess it boils down to getting the proper version of WxWindows then.
> What version is recommended?

Hi Erik,

You need either 2.4.x (the latest stable version) or 2.5.x (2.5.2 definately works), 
the latest unstable version.  2.2.x doesn't work unfortunately, I think I use parts of 
the api that weren't present then.  Since 2.3.3 is an out-of-date unstable version 
(wxWindows uses the Linux kernal numbering convention) I wouldn't recommend it.  I've 
never had any problem compiling wxGTK-2.4.x on Linux with either 2.95 or 3.3.

It you can't sort it out then I'll see if I can get it to work on earlier versions.  
I've compiled it (TaxiDraw) on Linux with both g++-2.95 and g++-3.3 by the way.

Cheers - Dave

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