Hi All
Just had a look on the seedwiki at the aircraft todo list.
Who wrote that rubbish.
How many 747's,737's,DC10 and the like have you seen with
HUD's.So why is it considered to be a must on these aircraft.If
we are going for realism then nearly all commercial aircraft do not have
HUD's along with 99% of all other non military aircraft.So if we are
more a non military sim lets put this HUD rubbish to bed.
Aircraft don't have lighting of one kind or another.Since as far as I
am aware this is because FG currently has no such lighting and that
night lighting can only be achived by using emissive material on objects
we want to see at night.Is this not the way the 3D instruments are made
to show at night.Please correct me if I am wrong.
Jet blast not visible.Untill FG can model heat haze then on commercial aircraft
this cant be modeled.As for seeing jet blast if some one can show me a photo
of any commercial aircraft(other than the Concord) with a flame out the back I
will apoligise.
Nozele doesn't change shape with thrust.Never saw one that did(other than the
Concord(notice a pattern here)).
Flaps move with reverse thrust.Maybe you can tell me what aircraft that happens
on other than military.
The textures are not quite right.If that is the case fix them if you think they can
be improved and I will be the first to conratule you.But don't say that is a problem
with the model or the way it flies.And as everbody knows texture quality is governed
by the size.
No pilot models in the cockpit.Since these models consume about 1000 vertex each which
is about 3 3d instruments.Would it not be better to have the instruments than the eye
So if the todo list is to be realisitic should it not contain only the things that are missing on the real
aircraft not a list of things that are neither available yet in FG (eg lighting) or never part of the real aircraft in the first place.
End of Rant.


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