Chris Metzler wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Nov 2004 06:01:43 -0500 "Norman Vine" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > I think that the newer OpenGL cards can handle *many* more polygons 
> > in the scenery then we are currently throwing at them as long as we
> > present them clumped according to 'OpenGL state' which shoud be the 
> > case with the basic scenery.  
> Do you have a feel for what "many" means?  Is vmap1 data for
> roads/railroads/etc. becoming a possibility?

Quoting Manuel Massing:

> But I guess that the main performance issue is not the rendering method, but
> the amount of gl calls (e.g. displaylists calls).  20k displaylist calls per
> frame (based on statistics posted by Melchior, assuming that the allocated
> displaylists are actually called) seems pretty excessive. NVidia recommends
> a maximum of 1000-2000 vertex array operations per frame for good performance.

If his assumption is correct, it should not be difficult to add lots of
polygons ....  it just depends on how you manage to transfer all the
polygons over to the hardware - right ?

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