"David Luff" wrote:

> There appear to be no stopway textures in the FlightGear base package, so
> without digging through the genapts runway generation code (yet) I'm
> guessing that stopways aren't supported by genapts yet.

Ah, fine - I already thought I'd be crazy ....  probably I actually am
so anyways  ;-)

> Completely off topic, your screenshots look like you're getting dark lines
> at runway texture boundaries similar to what I see on an ATI machine, but
> not on a NVidia machine.  Are you also on an ATI card, and am I correct in
> thinking that Andy Ross might have once produced a plib patch to cure this
> - does anyone know if it ever went into plib or not?

Sorry, I'm not aware of such a PLIB patch but I'm definitely not an
authoritative source of information in this topic.
My screenshot was made on an SGI Octane MaxImpact, no ATI, no NVidia -
but probably a platform that you'd be willing to declare as OpenGL
reference platform  :-)

Thanks for your response,
 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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