Vivian Meazza writes:
> Perhaps some of our longer standing developers can shed some light on the
> background to this important decision.

This was the easiest way to implement the system at the time insuring that 
only 'sane' values were ever passed.  ie 'clamped'

An alternative method would be to have all the extreme values default 
to some safe value and to have these actually set in the individual aircraft 
files.  The controls themselves would probably be best implemented as
pure 'property objects'.

This would be a much more flexible system but would require a fair bit of 
work to implement.  This would also add to the complexity of the aircraft
definition files.  Neither of these are show stoppers.  

The current method obviously works so so this requires someone with a 
strong incentive to make the change to step up and take on the job

FWIW I suggest that the new property tree be fully fleshed out ahead of 
time before any code was actually changed.

Note The FGFS code would then become nothing more but but a means 
for the FDMs to access the property tree values



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