Vivian Meazza

> > > 3. For consistency, and remember that some 3d models are used with
> > > both YASim and other FDMs, we need normalized values.
> >
> > This is just plain wrong. If an aircraft can deflect the elevator +/-
> > 30 degrees that's the way it is. Regardless of FDM. We are talking
> > about absolutes, here, not some arbitrary limit decided upon by the
> > FDM. Even if the FDMs use different values for elevator deflection
> > limits, the aircraft would fly based on the deflection actually made,
> > and the 3D model will show what the FDM says it is flying to. Item #3
> > here is a non-issue.
> I don't think so. YASim can only output a normalized value, since we don't
> tell it what the input angle is, although I'm not clear if we _can_. I
> don't
> think we want different interpretations for different FDMs, otherwise we
> will have to have different animations for different FDMs. My instinct
> tells
> me that YASim has it right here, because it is intended for aircraft

I meant to add:

'about which we have limited data.'

Getting late here :-)



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